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ADHD Assessment

Adhd in adults

A comprehensive ADHD assessment to finally understand the root cause of concentration problems and impulsive behaviours in yourself or your child’s. 


Schedule a pre-assessment consultation today to better understand yourself

3 steps to the ADHD Assessment

Pre-assessment consultation

ADHD assessment

Post-assessment briefing

1. Pre-assessment Consultation

A consultation with our clinical psychologist to understand your symptoms, background and history. The clinical psychologist will also explain what to expect in an ADHD assessment.

60 – 90 minutes

Online: RM185

In-person: RM240

2. Assessment

A thorough assessment that may include clinical interviews, completing rating scales on symptoms, intelligence tests, and personality assessment.

2 to 5 hours

RM1,150 – RM1,900


Inclusive of free brief report


Note: Fees will vary according to the psychological tools used which depends on the clinical psychologists professional judgement.

3. Post-assessment briefing

A briefing by the clinical psychologist to explain the results of the assessment and recommendations for treatment plans.

30 – 60 minutes


Full Report


A comprehensive report detailing the results and interpretation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ADHD?

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that interferes with your or your child’s ability to pay attention and control impulsive behaviours. While symptoms of ADHD can be noticeable in early childhood, the disorder can continue impacting adult life.

How do I book an ADHD assessment?

Before booking an assessment, we require all clients to book a pre-assessment consultation with our clinical psychologist, to fully understand your symptoms and provide professional advice. At the end of pre-assessment consultation, the clinical psychologist will schedule the ADHD assessment with you.

You can book our pre-assessment consultation here

During the booking process, you will be required to pay with a credit card to confirm your booking.

If you would like to pay via bank transfer, please WhatsApp +6017 803 8384 for assistance!

Will I get diagnosed with ADHD after the assessment?

Whether or not you’re diagnosed with ADHD will depend on the tests and the results of the test. After the assessment, you will receive a brief report which will conclude whether or not you have ADHD. 

What is in the free brief report?

The free ADHD assessment brief report includes a short outline of issues, background information, summary of assessments done, final diagnosis (if any), and brief recommendations. 

This brief report can be used for work, academic or insurance purposes.

How much does the ADHD assessment cost?

The fee for ADHD assessment ranges from RM1,150 – RM2,300. The fees depend on the psychological tools used by the clinical psychologists based on your symptoms and their professional judgement. 

After the pre-assessment consultation is completed, the clinical psychologist will inform you of the total fees.

What happens after the post-assessment briefing?

After the post-assessment briefing, you may have a clearer view on how to move forward with your assessments, regardless of the results.

In the post-assessment briefing, the clinical psychologist will explain to you the next steps that will be beneficial on how to cope with your symptoms or struggles according to the brief report of the ADHD assessment. 

Do you provide medication for ADHD?

We provide psychotherapy treatment for ADHD but not medication. As part of the post- assessment briefing, the clinical psychologist will advise if medication is required and if referral to a psychiatrist is needed.