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Informed Consent

Psychological services

Broadly speaking, therapy involves the use of psychological principles and approaches to address one’s emotional or psychological difficulties. It provides an opportunity for us to discuss your issues and concerns, and also calls for an active effort on your part to work on issues we agree to work on in your life. In order for the therapy sessions to be helpful, you and I will have to work collaboratively on things we discuss about both during the session.

All sessions are by appointment only, and sessions will be conducted online through a link provided to you in advance. Please ensure you have access to a laptop/phone, stable Wi-Fi, and can call from a private location (e.g. a room in your house where you will not experience any disruption) during the session.

I acknowledge that I will be undergoing psychological session(s) with my chosen Therapist, in which we share a relationship in accordance with the profession’s rule of ethics to address some of the psychological concerns I may have, either through assessments of therapy sessions.

Any cancellation or rescheduling of sessions should be done 24 hours before the allocated session by emailing I understand that I will be billed the session fee for any rescheduling or cancellation done 24 hours before the session. Termination of therapy will be collaboratively decided between the Therapist and myself.

Fees and Billing
The fee per session with the chosen Therapist will be at the agreed rate as displayed on the site.

By consenting to this agreement, I give permission to Aloe Mind to charge my credit card for the session fee when I agree to future bookings.
I understand that full payment for the session to be made to Aloe Mind within 24 hours of booking to secure the session. In the event, I am unable to make full payment within 24 hours of billing date, I agree to authorise Aloe Mind to cancel my booking.

Contract of Service
I acknowledge that the contract of service is between myself and my chosen Therapist and any payments made through such manner as may be notified by Aloe Mind.

Privacy and Confidentiality
Therapists are professionally trained to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of clients. I understand that my therapist will not disclose any of my personal information that will expose my identity to others without my written consent. Furthermore, I acknowledge that my Therapist may or may not acknowledge our professional relationship outside of session in order to safeguard my personal interests and well-being.

I understand that confidentiality may be broken under certain conditions in efforts to also protect my personal interests and well-being which are:

i) If I am at risk or at threat of harm either to myself or others,

ii) If the Therapist is mandated by law to disclose certain information, or

iii) If I am a minor and under the custody of a legal guardian.

I acknowledge that the Therapist will try his/her level best in accordance to his/her strict ethical and professional conduct to protect my privacy and confidentiality, and if needed, to keep me aware and discuss thoroughly with me if any need arises for any disclosure of information shared during sessions.