Depression, Anxiety, Stress & Trauma Assessment

A comprehensive assessment to test for depression, anxiety, stress and trauma with a registered clinical psychologist.

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Booking an assessment

1. Pre-assessment consultation

A consultation with our clinical psychologist to understand your symptoms, background and history. The clinical psychologist will also explain what to expect in the assessment.

60 – 90 minutes

Online: RM185
In-person: RM240

2. Assessment

A thorough assessment that may include clinical interviews and completing rating scales.

60 minutes

Online: RM185
In-person: RM240

(Optional) Brief report

A brief report detailing the results and interpretation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Before booking an assessment, we require all clients to book a pre-assessment consultation with our clinical psychologist, to fully understand your symptoms and provide professional advice. At the end of pre-assessment consultation, the clinical psychologist will schedule the assessment with you.

You can book our pre-assessment consultation here.

During the booking process, you will be required to pay to confirm your booking

If you would like to pay via bank transfer, please WhatsApp +6017 8038384 for assistance!